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The Feeding America Pathway is a free, flexible, and online program to teach the necessary skills for a career in data analytics. With zero experience required, participants will start with the fundamentals and leave the program with a skillset in very high demand by employers worldwide.

Our comprehensive program includes career coaching, social service support, and mentorship to make sure you leave the program feeling excited, confident, and career ready.

February 21 – July 31, 2022
Online • 10 – 15 hours a week (Flexible)

Salesforce is the world's most widely used customer relationship management (CRM) platform, used to manage customer relationships and increase sales team productivity.
Currently, over 150,000 companies use salesforce to grow and operate their business efficiently.
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In short, the role of a Salesforce Administrator is to help users get the most out of the technology.
This can look very different depending on the employer, but can include tasks such as training users, automating tasks to improve efficiency, and customizing the platform to provide your team with the best tools possible.


The program, and all of the additional resources provided by our partnering organizations are offered free of charge. This is made possible by grants and generous contributions from sponsors.

Median $66,024
The average base salary for an entry Salesforce Administrator in Ohio is $55,912. This does not include potential bonuses or benefits.

Our programs are industry-aligned, designed to teach you the necessary skills to received a job in this field, without the fluff. We also believe there’s more to a successful career than just learning a new skill - we’ll work together on soft skills, leadership, and job readiness.

We’ve partnered with organizations in Central Ohio to provide resources such as personalized social service support, career coaching, resume workshops, interview preparation, and more to give you the tools you need to find a better-paying career.

You’ll start the program in mid-February with a ReadyNess Orientation where we’ll prepare to learn together and will get you connected to your support team. The skilling certificate, beginning in early March 2022, is self-paced and will require 10-15 hours per week until the completion of the 18-week certificate in late July 2022.

To be considered for this program, you must live in Central Ohio, have a high school degree or equivalent, and have a device that meets these minimum technical requirements.

Salesforce Administrator Certificate

About the Courses
Learn the foundations of Customer Relationship Management while utilizing Salesforce to build reports, charts, and dashboards to communicate critical information to stakeholders. You’ll learn how to design and customize Salesforce to the needs of your future business and get hands-on experience with the platforms and tools you’ll use as a Salesforce Administrator. This program was developed in collaboration with Trailhead, the official learning provider of Salesforce – the most popular CRM platform utilized by over 150,000 businesses, and consists of the three required courses below.

This certificate program is a self-paced, 3-course certificate led by an instructor. Each course is 6 weeks long, with most students learning 10-15 hours/week. This program do not require any pre-requisite courses.

  • Learn Salesforce fundamentals from the perspective of a CRM system administrator
  • Learn how to conduct the typical job functions of a junior Salesforce administrator
  • Explore Salesforce user management, platform customization, and user interface configuration, and get hands-on practice by translating and fulfilling simulated “feature requests” from business users, managers, and other stakeholders.
  • Create a custom app to meet a business-specific use case
  • Learn how to customize Salesforce reporting tools to address analytical requests.

  • Learn use cases of customer relationship management systems, specifically Salesforce, and how end users on sales teams leverage Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Lightning tool
  • Learn how sales team members like Sales Development Representatives, Account Managers, Sales Managers, and Customer Service Managers use the tool, in the process building a foundational understanding of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Salesforce’s most widely used products.
  • Learn how information like accounts, contacts, records, leads, and opportunities are stored in Salesforce.
  • Gain practical skills working with Sales and Service Cloud by updating information according to the sales process, creating basic reports and dashboards for forecasting projections, and understanding how standard user profiles and permissions work.

  • Utilize increasingly complex Salesforce functionality as a CRM system administrator.
  • Learn to customize advanced Salesforce settings and implement a permissions and sharing model to control access to data and records.
  • Learn how to enable and configure standard Sales and Service Cloud features to support business-specific use cases.
  • Deepen understanding of how to translate business requirements into functional specifications and configure custom features using Process Automation tools.
  • Learn how to use Salesforce tools to improve and maintain data quality.
  • Explore and configure advanced analytics capabilities through historical trend reports, joined reports, and creating dynamic dashboards.

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