ReadySkill is a novel platform that leverages a network of Social Service & Career Coaching Partners to deliver essential support and resources for learners navigating their skilling journey. By providing easy access to holistic support, ReadySkill creates an optimal environment for career growth, successful program completion, and economic mobility. Service Partners have direct access to manage individual progress, make one-click referrals, and track mission-specific outcomes on the ReadySkill platform.

You’ll also have access to the Insights Dashboard, a place for resource advocates to view and export aggregate data on social service usage, predictive support metrics, and community impact.

Insights Dashboard
Why Join the Platform?
  • Direct access to ReadySkill learners – including 1-1 messaging, Social Determinates of Health (SDOH) screening, case management, one-click referrals, progress and outcome tracking, and a longitudinal history of service usage
  • Referral engine and directory for qualified resource providers by location
Referral Tools

ReadySkill’s dynamic platform not only allows you to directly connect to and work with learners who are engaging with your services, but also allows our partners to collaborate on their care planning and refer learners back and forth to each other as needed.

This approach ensures a streamlined experience for our learners, and easier and more holistic support planning for your care teams. This saves valuable time and resources, and allows your care workers focus on what they do best….supporting those that need it with your services.

1. Search our research database
2. Refer directly to the individual
Refer help in just a few steps
Data-Driven Insights. Real Social Impact.

Track progress and impact over time for individuals and the community.

Milestone tracking on our state-of-the-art insights dashboard.

Predictive analytics engine to improve impact over time.

Usage rates of services over time
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