Example Skilling Programs

We’re curating skilling pathways to prepare you for higher-paying careers in growing and sought-after sectors while supporting you with any needs you have before, during, and after the program. We’re prioritizing high-quality content, maximum flexibility, and personalized support to give you the tools for success.

Project Management

Learn the principles of project management – definition of scope, analysis, and engagement of stakeholders, and assessing objectives and constraints. You’ll learn how to create a project schedule, communication plan and budget, as well as how to evaluate your project for success. This program will give you highly transferable skills utilized in almost every role. This program was developed in collaboration with Asana, a popular project management platform used by over 50,000 businesses.

Salesforce Administration

Learn the foundations of Customer Relationship Management while utilizing Salesforce to build reports, charts, and dashboards to communicate critical information to stakeholders. You’ll learn how to design and customize Salesforce to the needs of your future business and get hands-on experience with the platforms and tools you’ll use as a Salesforce Administrator. This program was developed in collaboration with Trailhead, the official learning provider of Salesforce – the most popular CRM platform utilized by over 150,000 businesses.

Tableau Data Analytics

Learn the data skills and analysis necessary for today’s business and industry. You’ll work with Good Sheets to analyze data and build models, learn to use Structured Query Language (SQL) for Data Analysis, and apply data design and visualization principles in Tableau. This business analytics foundation will give you cross-functional skills, real-world project experience, and practice utilizing industry-standard tools. This program was developed in collaboration with Tableau, a leading data visualization tool.

UX Designer

Learn design research fundamentals to create a digital user experience. You’ll learn how to perform user research, utilize psychology to design sketches, develop a low-fidelity testable prototype, and create a design ready to be handed to engineering. The capstone module demonstrates how to build a UX design portfolio with the pieces designed in the course to showcase your skills for future employers.

Digital Marketing

Learn the principles of marketing content, social media amplification, and utilizing industry tools for advertising, search engine marketing, and how to track and optimize your work. You’ll learn content strategy across platforms and use several widely-used tools – including Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics – to get hands-on experience in launching a marketing campaign. This cross-platform training equips the learner with a broad understanding of digital marketing strategy and execution.

Holistic Support

We meet learners where they are and help them achieve their future goals by supporting the whole person in their upskilling journey.

Supporting the whole learner – in life and career.

Life Assistance
Housing Assistance
Healthcare Assistance
Childcare Assistance
Career Support
Career Coaching
Hands-on guidance to find your best pathway. Using assessments and continuous, personalized support, we find the career that works for your goals.
Our employer partners share and guide you on your skilling journey, leveraging their real-life experience.
Customized social support to remove barriers. Using our network and an easy-to-use platform, we connect you to accessible resources in your community so you can focus on your development journey.
Fundamentals to learn the skills of tomorrow. We provide foundational tools and programming to make your digital learning journey achievable.
Tools you need to prepare to learn. We connect you to the digital world through device and internet support, so you’re ready for flexible online learning.
Finding Your Best Pathway
Our Approach

We understand your barriers and challenges to identifying the right training program and getting individualized support so you can complete your skilling journey and break into a better-paying career. To help make this process easier for you, we have built a dynamic and easy-to-use platform that streamlines and coordinates everything you need to be successful. On top of that, our network of advocates, coaches, and mentors work to provide holistic support so you can find and receive the proper support for your unique situation.

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